Smart Cities and Communities

Projects to improve the services and quality of the communities in which we live through research and technology.

With Directorial Decree No. 84/Ric. of 2 March 2012, MIUR has enabled two distinct measures: one for the presentation of project ideas for Smart Cities and Communities, and the other for Social Innovation Projects. The aim is to promote research projects for the development ofSmart Citiesin the Convergence regions (Puglia, Sicily, Calabria and Campania) and more generally in southern Italy.

SMEs and large companies, universities and public research organisations have been invited to integrate their respective competences to develop highly innovative solutions which, through the latest technology, can contribute towards the development of specific geographical areas and meet the effective needs of the community, improving citizens' quality of life.


Relevant Fields

The Ministry has requested that the projects target the following strategic areas:

• Smart mobility
• Smart health
• Smart education
• Cloud computing technologies for smart government
• Smart culture and tourism
• Renewable energy and smart grid
• Energy efficiency and low carbon technologies
• Smart mobility and last-mile logistics
• Sustainable natural resources (waste, water, urban biodiversity)



Available funds

The level of funds available for the implementation of these projects is€ 200,696,821.00and has been allocated as follows:

  • Integrated Action for the Information Society        € 100,348,410.50
  • Integrated Action for Sustainable Development     € 100,348,410.50

At the date of the deadline 106 project ideas had been submitted for a total amount of €2,131,395,449.71

Following the assessment stage, 8 projectsqualified for financing of which 4 related to Integrated Action for the Information Society and 4 related to Integrated Action for Sustainable Development for an overall contribution of € 196,435,914.06.


Eligible expenditure                    

     € 266,446,089.68

Total expenditure

     € 192,825,016.67


Parties involved*

Large enterprises




Micro Enterprises




Public Research Organisations                


Other Research Organisations


*The data considers a party 'n' times should it participate in 'n' projects

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