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Intermediate Body

Tasks, functions and contacts of the Intermediate Body (IB) of the Programme.

Intermediate Body 

With regard to the actions falling within its institutional tasks, the Ministry of Economic Development (MiSE), in its General Directorate for Incentives to Enterprise Activities (DGIAI), is designated as the Intermediate Body of the NOP R&C, pursuant to paragraph 2 of Article 59 of Reg. (EC) 1083/2006.

The tasks, the resulting obligations and the relations and relative agreements with the Management Authority and Certification Authority, are defined by an inter-ministry act, as required by Article 12 of Reg. (EC) 1828/2006.

This act, besides setting forth the distribution of public resources, Community and national, and sharing between the MIUR and MiSE the responsibility for the planning, implementation and management of the specific lines of intervention, also defines the contents of delegation, the reciprocal functions, the information to be sent to the Management Authority with the required frequency, the obligations and procedures for presenting the expenses incurred, the procedures for undertaking the management and auditing activities, the description of the financial flows and the procedures for the conservation of documents.

The tasks regarding management and certification, for the actions within the jurisdiction of MiSE, are attributed by the Management Authority to the Intermediate Body, which undertakes them through Office IV and Office V of the DGIAI, an  are shown in the delegation act which is included in the inter-ministry act.

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