Advanced Technology Districts and Public-Private Laboratories

MIUR has provided funds for the construction of new structures and infrastructure for research in universities and public research organisations in Puglia, Calabria, Sicily and Campania.

With D.D. No. 713/Ric. of 29 October, 2010 MIUR has issued a Notice with the objective of strengthening  and consolidating existing Districts and Laboratories and creating new Districts and Public-Private Clusters.

The objective is to create integrated and coherent "research-training-innovation" systems capable of initiating a process of competitive and sustainable growth for the economies of the Convergence regions (Puglia, Sicily, Calabria and Campania).

Large enterprises, SMEs, universities and public research organisations have been invited to submit suggested projects.

More specifically, the Development/Improvement of Advanced Technological Districts and Public-Private Laboratories (Part II of the Notice) intends to identify the best existing practices in order to improve the connections between these practices and those of other active clusters and hence promote excellence in scientific and technological skills.

The creation of new Districts and Public-Private Clusters (Part III of the Notice) has the objective of developing specific areas in which scientific and production specialisation may take place, and clustering active public and private organisations.


Relevant fields

Existing Laboratories and Districts focus on the following scientific and technological areas:

  • Logistics and manufacturing
  • Cultural heritage
  • Engineering of composite and polymeric structures
  • High-Tech
  • Agrifood
  • Mechatronics
  • Advanced technology - energy saving and efficiency
  • AgriBio and sustainable fishing
  • Naval transport for trade and pleasure
  • Laboratory improvement, infrastructure and micro- and nano-systems



Available funds

The overall level of funds available to the NOP for R&C is €915 million to be allocated as follows:

  • € 389 million will be allocated towards the development/improvement of Advanced Technology Districts and Public-Private Laboratories;
  • € 526 million will be allocated for the development of new Districts and/or Clusters.

For Part II, 47 projects have qualified for co-financing leading to an overall eligible expenditure of €451,594,020.00.


Eligible expenditure - Part II   

          € 464,330,493.21

Total expenditure - Part II

          € 353,860,766.68

For Part II 42 projects have qualified for financing (18 of which for the development of new Districts and 24 for the development of new Laboratories).


Parties involved *

Large enterprises






Public Research Organisations              


Other Research Organisations


Micro Enterprises


 *The data considers a party 'n' times should it participate in 'n' projects


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