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Office VII of the D.G. of Research Coordination and Development has acknowledged the quality of services as priority and strategic and for this purpose has implemented a dedicated project: Total Quality Project 2007-2013 which promotes the sharing and implementation of quality standards, while monitoring their application.

The Total Quality Project 2007-2013 (TQP) continues the efforts made during the previous programming period, with the experimental Quality Management System for the communication of the NOP for Research and Competitiveness, Technological Development and Specialised Training 2000-2006.
The TQP is an ambitious project requiring the dedication of all interested stakeholders and personnel of the NOP for Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013.
The main activities of the Project are:

  • Process mapping
  • CAF[1] model for self-assessment
  • Training and learning

The main activities are implemented by focusing on continuous improvement, innovation, and promoting the Total Quality culture with all partners.
The project's planning and implementation is based on precise [methods and methodologies] which are briefly summarised in the picture below.


Image: ISO standards, Quality Tree, CAF model, benchmarks

The implementation of the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle has been stressed as, when adapted to the project's characteristics, it guarantees a progressive trend towards continuous improvement and ensures that the hindrances encountered while performing activities are overcome.

The Total Quality Project 2007-2013 was launched on 16 July, 2009.

[1] government office for tax assistance and information

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