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The data on the projects and beneficiaries of the NOP R&C 2007-2013 can be downloaded and reused freely.

The reuse of these data can be undertaken according to the terms of the license Creative Commons attribution 3.0 (CC-BY).

Updating will take place at least every two months, according to the technical time required for revision by the Programme monitoring service.

Datasets updated to: August 31, 2016

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Why the data is made available

The public has the right to know is the slogan promoted by the Commission to strengthen the legitimacy of the Union through actions aimed at enhancing public awareness on the use of the Funds.

Article7 of Reg. (EC) 1828/06 enacts and develops the principle of transparency, establishing the requirement to publish the list of beneficiaries.

This means that the Management Authorities of the Programmes, on the basis of the implementation rules of the Structural Funds (Reg. CE 1828/06), must divulge the direct beneficiaries of the Cohesion Policy.

The publication of the list of beneficiaries must contain the following information: name of beneficiary, title of the operations and the amount of public funding (national and European funds) assigned to the operations.

How the data can be used

The data that can be downloaded from this website can be used for any purpose, personal or commercial, and without limitation, in order to better understand the use of the European Funds for projects on scientific research, competitiveness and industrial innovation in the Convergence regions. Updating will be conducted regularly.

Information and contacts

Information, enquiries and suggestions from users will be welcomed with a collaborative spirit in order to improve the new service. Write to us at

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