The NOP for R&C organisation

Guidance and Implementation Committee

In undertaking the functions and responsibilities connected with the management of the Programme, the Administration in charge of implementation is flanked by a Guidance and Implementation Committee (GIC).

The Guidance and Implementation Committee is formed by the central government, and therefore MIUR and all the regional administrations whose territory is involved in the planning and implementation of the NOP R&C; this means the four regions of the Convergence Objective, the Ministry of Economic Development with the Department for Economic Development and Cohesion (DPS), the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy with reference to the measures regarding employment and the improvement of human resources, with the specific goal of helping ensure the maximum internal and external coherence of the single regional policy implemented with the National Strategic Framework (NSF).

In the planning phase, the CIA flanks the activity of the Management Authority, and in particular:

  • contributes to the definition of the NOP R&C strategy
  • ensures adequate levels of mutual coherence in the strategy and its objectives with the NSF and the other Operational Programmes with which the strategy is implemented
  • participates in the definition of the general and specific objectives of the Programme, the identification of the types and lines for intervention that are most effective and coherent for achieving the goals
  • identifies and approves the Programme implementation rules, including the ones regarding the selection criteria for the projects
  • evaluates the overall coherence of the projects and their local layout with respect to the overall objectives of the Programme
  • forms a reference point for the use of the results of the preliminary assessment of the Programme

The Guidance and Implementation Committee will also function as a body representing institutional cooperation during the implementation phase, flanking the Management Authority in the actions undertaken to ensure the correct and effective implementation of the Programme, while taking into account the performance of the other Operational Programmes with which the NSF strategy is implemented.


In particular, it:

  • contributes to the activities for operational management of the Programme, with specific reference to the implementation procedures of the Axes and the measures involved
  • contributes to the analysis of the performance of the Programme, also on the basis of the monitoring data and the indications of the assessment
  • formulates proposals for the eventual decisions and choices of revision and reprogramming of the Programme
  • ensures the coherence conditions and coordination of Programme implementation, with the implementation of the other Operational Programmes of the Framework, and in general with the measures of the single regional policy
  • is informed about and discusses the choices of the Management Authority regarding the tasks it undertakes as set forth in Article 60 of Reg. (EC) n. 1083/2006




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