The Programme


The monitoring of implementation and result indicators in relation to priority objectives, as well as the monitoring of financial information, allows the Managing Authority to provide a comprehensive picture of the Programme’s progress to the European Commission.

In accordance with Articles Nos. 66 and 67 of Regulation (EC) 1083/2006, monitoring procedures have been implemented to guarantee that the following is available to the Managing Authority and the Supervisory Committee:

  • The necessary information to supervise the Programme by collecting financial, procedural and physical implementation and result indicators in order to monitor the progress made and the efficiency of the objectives for the implementation of priority action lines
  • Regular submission of data to the National Monitoring System
  • Processing of collected data to provide all necessary information and define a comprehensive picture of the Programme's implementation in annual reports
  • Publication of data through the Programme's information and communication services

The collection unit used by the National Monitoring System is a single project, while the collection of the NOP for R&C data is undertaken for each beneficiary.

Monitoring activities verify the accuracy of information accompanying a project and ensure its completeness and quality. The aim of these activities is to identify and process data required by the National Monitoring System and a range of additional information that is useful for the Managing Authority to control and assess the Programme. The NOP for R&C data is collected and aggregated for communication and advertising purposes and provided to institutional and non-institutional subjects that may be interested, in any capacity, in the Programme. 


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