Action Line III - – Technical support and coaching

Interventions included in Action Line III have the objective of providing specialised support to the Managing Authority and the Intermediate Body in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of EC programming.

The economic resources for Action Line III are allocated towards the following operational objectives: 


Asse III


Action Line III - Technical Support and coaching

Specific objective: Improving the quality of NOP interventions and their relative impact


Operational Objectives Actions Measures
III.1 Improvement of the efficiency, efficacy and quality of interventions and relevant monitoring assessment and control activities
  • III.1.1 - Technical Support, Management and Control
  • AT Tender
III.2 - Improvement of the NOP's strategic and communication capacities
  • III.2.1 - Assessment

  • III.2.2 - Information and Advertising

 MIUR-CASPUR Agreement (prot. No. 519 of 28/03/2011)


  • Tender for planning and developing communication campaigns
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