Action Line I – Support for Structural Changes

Through the measures in Action Line I, the objective is to introduce radical innovations in Regional economies by creating new markets and promoting third sector production and specialisation.

The Support for Structural Changes (Action Line I) aims to introduce significant innovation in the economies of the Convergence regions by concentrating industry on production specialisation with high-technological and scientific content and long-lasting development potential.

The measures entailing the most significant strategic and financial demands are directed towards bringing radical innovation to the economy and creating new markets. These include structural measures and interventions for the promotion of scientific and technological networks and for the provision of business incentives. 

The interventions to be implemented within the Programme are specified for each operational objective.



Asse I


Action Line I - Support for structural changes

Specific objective: Support for structural changes and improvement of the scientific-technological potential for a transition towards a knowledge economy



Operational Objectives Action Measures

I.1 - Scientific-technological fields generators of industry transformation processes and creators of new sectors

  • I.1.1 - Strategic scientific-technological areas
Call for the presentation of industrial research projects (d.d No. 1 of 18/01/2010)

I.2 - Technological-production areas for system competitiveness

  • I.2.1 - Industrial innovation projects and relevant measures

  • I.2.2 - Innovation projects for the development of specific potentialities of the Convergence areas
Industrial Innovation projects (PII)

I.3 - Networks for the improvement of the scientific-technological potentials of Convergence Regions

  • I.3.1 - High technology districts and connected networks

  • I.3.2 - Public-private laboratories and connected networks
Notice: High Technology Districts and Public-Private Laboratories and relevant networks (d.d No. 713 of 29/10/2010)

I.4 - Improvement of scientific-technological structures and assets

  • I.4.1 - Structural Improvement
Call for the presentation of Projects for Structural Improvement (d.d No. 254/Ric. of 18/05/2011)
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