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Elettronica su Plastica per Sistemi Smart disposable ' - PLAST_ICs

Code PON02_00355_3416798
Field/s No field assigned
Description No description available for this project
Total cost 8,752,707.00 euro
Public contribution
Total public contribution
6,936,228.00 euro

NOP R&C contribution
6,936,228.00 euro

PAC contribution
0.00 euro

Distribution Advancement of distribution in %
Total amount distributed
3,468,114.00 euro

NOP R&C distributed amount
3,468,114.00 euro

PAC distributed amount
0.00 euro


Field/s – Indicates the field or fields in which the project has the most relevance. A project may have more than one field. For some projects it is not assigned. The field are the following 8: "Health and wellbeing", "Food", "Energy", "Environment and Ecology", "Transport and Logistics", "Cultural goods and activities", "Social Innovation" and "Smart Cities".

Description – Descriptive summary of project.

Total cost – Total cost of project.

Public contribution – Three elements are reported:

  • Total commitment – total amount admitted to financing, may include more than contribution to be valued on NOP R&C, also on other funds.
  • NOP R&C admitted contribution
  • PAC admitted contribution
  • Contribution with other funds

Distribution – The following elements are reported:

  • Total distributed amount – takes into account the distributed amount considering both NOP R&C distribution and other funds if provided for
  • NOP R&C distributed amount – amount distributed to financing of project to be valued on NOP R&C
  • PAC distributed amount – amount distributed to financing of project to be valued on PAC
  • Amount distributed with other funds – amount distributed to financing of project with other funds

The distributions refer to the date of last update indicated at top.

Type of beneficiary Public commitment for beneficiary
Small business 1
Total Beneficiaries 1

Distretto Tecnologico Sicilia Micro e Nano Sistemi S.c.a.r.l.

Tax File Number: 04620770877
Unique Project Code: B61C12000750005
Location of financial commitments: Sicilia
Type: Small business

Presentation date 22/03/2011
Approval date 09/02/2016
Start of activity Expected date
Effective date
End of activity Expected date
Effective date
Total cost 8,752,707.00 euro
Public contribution Total
6,936,228.00 euro
Eligible of NOP R&C
6,936,228.00 euro
Distribution Total
3,468,114.00 euro
Amount of NOP R&C
3,468,114.00 euro

Date of last distribution of NOP R&C
Axis - Operational objective I - Networks for the improvement of the scientific and technological potentials of Convergence regions (Go to )
Action High-technology districts and connected networks
Action line Districts and Laboratories (Go to)
Instrument of implementation Districts and Laboratories notice (D.D. 713/Ric. 29/10/11) - Districts
NSF - objective Strengthen and evaluate the whole chain of research and cooperation networks between the research system and businesses, to contribute to competitiveness and economic growth; sustain maximum distribution and use of new technologies and advanced services; heighten level of scientific and technical knowledge and skills in the production system and in institutions
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