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The project, lasting 30 months, falls within the field of natural resources and concerns the themes of management of the life cycle of goods (distribution, evaluation energy, secure burial in landfill) and management of the integrated water cycle.

The activities of the project will take place in Campania, Calabria and Puglia.

  • Aquasystem Project: integrated management of the water cycle aimed at the sustainable use of resources, energy optimisation, monitoring and control of water quality in aqueduct systems and urban drainage networks, so as to ensure quality, continuity and security of the service at costs of content management and with reduced environmental impact so as to transform the entire integrated cycle into a "Smart Water Network".
  • Be&Save Project: improvement of environmental, social and economic sustainability of the food chain through the energy evaluation of organic production waste, the reduction of food waste from the distribution system and consumers, and the treatment and evaluation of residual waste.
  • Siglod Projectis an intelligent support system for the management and localisation of landfills and waste management plants. It will be an applied and integrated technological infrastructure which will allow public bodies to recover technological efficiency and competitiveness through the use of satellite data.

Regarding expected results these foresee the realisation of monitoring networks of the integrated water cycle and decisional support systems for the management of aqueduct systems. For the energy evaluation of production waste the project will use the collaboration of some members of the olive industry in Puglia. The system of energy accumulation will be tested in the Municipality of San Cassiano (LE) for the provision of electrical energy to the bike sharing recharge stations. For the reduction of waste specific actions will be undertaken focused on medium and large distribution for the optimisation of the management of stockpiles and on families for education towards responsible consumption. Finally, data from the monitoring networks of the territory will be made available to the Public Administration (Sicily region) to support the planned activities.

To the project activities training initiatives will be added which propose to train professionals - specialists in the sector, researchers and technicians of excellence - in the Planning and Management sectors of the Quality of water and researchers and technicians with specific skills in sectors such as sustainable management of the food chain.

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