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DI.ME.SA. - Valorizzazione di prodotti tipici della dieta mediterranea e loro impiego a fini salutistici e nutraceutici

Code PON02_00451_3361785

Results to date: 09/02/2015

The DiMeSa project is based on the conducting of research studies on traditional Sicilian agricultural food products, in order to promote production and competitiveness in the regional, national and foreign markets through a series of activities aimed at increasing their health and nutritional potential, clinically validating their effects on health and disease status and allowing them to be rapidly developed industrially.

Also through obtaining claims from the European Food Safety Authority we want to confer on these traditional regional products the necessary health and/or nutritional certifications to compete and assert themselves in the ever more crowded and difficult national and foreign markets. The project focuses, therefore, on providing the traditional agricultural food branches identified, in particular those producing olives, grain and fresh produce, with the technical-scientific bases relevant to the production processes, to the diet-nutrition characteristics of foods and to their health potential, necessary to achieve the aforementionedclaims. In summary, we want to multiply the capacity for attraction and the market possibilities of the traditional products of Sicilian agriculture thanks to the development and implementation of industrial research activities and experimental development which improve their health potential and, at the same time, confer scientific validity on the existing relationship between foods of the Mediterranean diet and health, in terms of both maintenance of a state of wellbeing and, especially, disease prevention.


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