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INTUS_ Intelligenza ambientale, Narrativita , Tagging delle risorse Urbane e Sensoristica diffusa

Code PON04a3_00476
Field/s Cultural goods and services, Social innovation
Description The project describes a technologically and socially innovative solution for the creation of tourism-cultural services based on the experiential and personalised use of places. The intent is to reveal to fulfilment level of memories and identities of each place, through recovery, narration and contextual return of the contents of the local history in a logic of smart environment, with the aim of involving the visitor in an emotional and shared fantasy-based adventure. The proposed initiative has therefore as its main aim that of evaluating the patrimony through the sustainable and reproducible development of a system based on the culture that goes beyond tourist entertainment and interprets the same culture in the role of social attractor capable of creating and transmitting a shared identity. In this sense culture and technology become propulsive factors of innovation and creativity.
Total cost 1,039,500.00 euro
Public contribution
Total public contribution
831,600.00 euro

NOP R&C contribution
0.00 euro

PAC contribution
831,600.00 euro

Distribution Advancement of distribution in %
Total amount distributed
831,600.00 euro

NOP R&C distributed amount
0.00 euro

PAC distributed amount
831,600.00 euro


Field/s – Indicates the field or fields in which the project has the most relevance. A project may have more than one field. For some projects it is not assigned. The field are the following 8: "Health and wellbeing", "Food", "Energy", "Environment and Ecology", "Transport and Logistics", "Cultural goods and activities", "Social Innovation" and "Smart Cities".

Description – Descriptive summary of project.

Total cost – Total cost of project.

Public contribution – Three elements are reported:

  • Total commitment – total amount admitted to financing, may include more than contribution to be valued on NOP R&C, also on other funds.
  • NOP R&C admitted contribution
  • PAC admitted contribution
  • Contribution with other funds

Distribution – The following elements are reported:

  • Total distributed amount – takes into account the distributed amount considering both NOP R&C distribution and other funds if provided for
  • NOP R&C distributed amount – amount distributed to financing of project to be valued on NOP R&C
  • PAC distributed amount – amount distributed to financing of project to be valued on PAC
  • Amount distributed with other funds – amount distributed to financing of project with other funds

The distributions refer to the date of last update indicated at top.

Type of beneficiary Public commitment for beneficiary
Micro business 1
Total Beneficiaries 1

GRIZZAFFI BERNARDO - Lanza Vittorio - Lo Sciuto Cosimo - Pecorella Giovanni - Terrusa Leonardo - Trombaturi Maria Caterina

Tax File Number: GRZBNR87A19D009L
Unique Project Code: B65I12000420005
Location of financial commitments: Sicilia
Type: Micro business

Presentation date 30/04/2012
Approval date 30/05/2012
Start of activity Expected date
Effective date
End of activity Expected date
Effective date
Total cost 1,039,500.00 euro
Public contribution Total
831,600.00 euro
Eligible of PAC
831,600.00 euro
Distribution Total
831,600.00 euro
Amount of PAC
831,600.00 euro

Date of last distribution of PAC
PAC Action and Line Integrated actions of research and competitiveness for sustainable development - Integrated activities for sustainable development and dissemination of the information society
Action line Social Innovation (Go to)
Instrument of implementation Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation notice (D.D. 84/Ric. 02/03/12) - Social Innovation projects
NSF - objective Elevate administration capacity, raise levels of legality, strengthen the involvement of the partnership and contribute to the opening of the services market for more effective and efficient planning and management of supplementary regional policy
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